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JSC AB «Bank of China Kazakhstan» was created as subsidiary bank of Bank of China (Beijing) which is the unique shareholder who has created its authorized capital. JSC AB «Bank of China Kazakhstan» was registered in 1993 (registration number 3461-1900 – АО (ИУ)), received the License on April 19, 1993 No. 1.1.181 (in tenge and in foreign currency) on carrying out the transactions provided by the Kazakhstan’s banks law.  

The core business of Bank consists on provision of commercial banking services, including bank servicing of legal entities and physical persons, and also transactions in the financial market.

JSC AB «Bank of China Kazakhstan» is a member of JSC «Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and participant» (KASE), Financial Institutions Association of Kazakhstan, The National chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic Kazakhstan «Atameken», JSC «Kazakhstan deposit insurance fund», Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Centre of the National  Bank of Kazakhstan (KISC), SWIFT international payment system.

Учредительные документы:

Устав АО ДБ "Банк Китая в Казахстане"  
Изменения и дополнения в Устав Банка от 25.02.2008г.  
Изменения и дополнения в Устав Банка от 11.03.2013г.   
Изменения и дополнения в Устав Банка от 21.12.2015г.  
 Лицензия Банка на проведение банковских и иных операций от 03.02.2020 г. №1.1.181;  
 Справка о Государственной перерегистрации юридического лица  

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Правила об общих условиях                                                                                               


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