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Internet Banking

Internet Banking system developed by BSS company, is oriented to all clients of the Bank — legal entities. By means of this system the client can  send payment documents to Bank without leaving the office.

Internet Banking system allows to perform the following:
  • Delivery of various types of payment and other formalized documents in both parties.
  • Handling of payment documents.
  • Monitoring of a condition of documents.
  • Implementation of an exchange by messages of any format (with possibility of accession of any types of files).

Use of the certified means of cryptographic protection of information in a complex with the protected key carriers provides the highest level of safety of carried-out transactions, unequivocal authorization of users and the legal importance of transferred electronic documents.

Also You can use our new Internet banking service  for your convenience. 

Additional information by telephone: +7 (727) 258-55-10 (ext. 1195, 1203, 1156)
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