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Transactions in CNY

For the purpose of provision of high-quality services to clients and satisfactions to their needs, JSC AB “Bank of China  Kazakhstan” offered settlement transactions in CNY currency on April, 2010.  JSC AB «Bank of China in Kazakhstan» provides the following financial services in CNY to clients: deposits, currency exchange transactions, money transfers, opening of current accounts, savings accounts (deposits), trade finance transactions, credits etc.

JSC AB «Bank of China Kazakhstan» possesses advanced system providing and professional staff, which are well familiar with procedures of carrying out transactions in CNY. We are always ready to provide to you professional consultations concerning carrying out transactions in CNY.

JSC AB «Bank of China  Kazakhstan» is ready to provide to clients diverse services in CNY, to develop for legal entities and physical persons individual products. All banking activities are made in case of observance of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and China.

Additional information by telephone: (727) 258-38-22, 258-55-10 (вн. 1154, 1108, 1161), тел.факс (727) 2585517

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