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Documentary operations

Increasing economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and China considerably increases need for provision of various tools of international settlements.

The most popular in settlements between partners are, undoubtedly, letters of credits.

LETTER OF CREDIT is a liability of bank to pay to the Seller of the goods or services a certain sum of money in case of timely representation in bank corresponding to conditions of the letter of credit of the documents confirming sending of the goods or accomplishment of services.

A number of benefits are available in case of this type of settlements:
  • for the seller - confidence of receipt of export revenue, by provision of the shipment documents, to the corresponding conditions of the letter of credit;
  • for the buyer - confidence that his bank won't pay to the Seller until the Seller won't provide the documents corresponding to conditions of the letter of credit to bank.

Opening the letter of credit in our bank, you have benefits:

  • the letter of credit opened by Bank of China doesn't require confirmation, Bank of China is the first-class bank with high ratings.
  • branches of Bank of China are present worldwide (32 countries).
  • to receive services in trade financing in an import and export.
    • the practical help in contract negotiation, the text of the letter of credit.
    • fast receipt of revenue at the expense of a wide correspondent network of bank.

JSC AB «Bank of China Kazakhstan» provides services in confirmation of the letters of credit issued by other banks.

BANKING GUARANTEE is a liability of Bank – the guarantor to pay to the receiver of the bank guarantee a certain sum of money according to the written requirement of the receiver of a guarantee and by provision of the documents, to the corresponding conditions of the bank guarantee.

Bank issues all types of bank guarantees, performance/payment guarantee, bid bond, advanced payment guarantee).

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